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We need your help to focus the publics attention on the BBC’s bias reporting.

Use #BBSee and ask @BBCNews to see the truth and report the facts.



Israeli settlers cheering as Fadi Alloun, 19, is killed by Israeli police in Jerusalem.

#BBSee Israeli soldiers violently arresting Palestinian children in Hebron.

#BBSee the murder of pregnant woman Nour Hassan and her daughter, by Israeli soldiers in Gaza.

#BBSee Israeli soldiers repeatedly shoot Hadeel al-Hashlamun, 18, at checkpoint in West Bank. Extrajudicial killing.

#BBSee Israeli soldiers using tear gas on innocent civilians.

#BBSee Abdel al-Rahman Shadi Obeidallah, 12, shot near the heart & killed by Israeli soldiers in Aida refugee camp.

Do you #BBSee a 12 year old in school uniform as a threat?

#BBSee Huthayfa Othman Suleiman, 18, shot in the chest during  northern West Bank. He died in the operating room.

October 2015: Israeli forces killed 57 Palestinians and injured more than 2000! Why aren’t you reporting this?! #BBSee

#BBSee about 70 Israeli settlers scream abuse at Fadi Alloun and cheer as he is killed by Israeli police.

Did you not #BBSee toddler killed along with her pregnant mother Nour Hassan by Israeli air strike?!

#BBSee In just the first 2 weeks of October Israeli Soldiers arrest over 620 Palestinians from the West Bank & Jerusalem.

Can’t you #BBSee Israeli forces are violating int. law with the sheer number of extrajudicial killings & injuries against unarmed civilians!

#BBSee Israeli troops mercilessly beat Ansar Aasi, 25 at his work place after falsely claiming he was throwing stones.

Can’t you #BBSee Netanyahu is deluded blaming Holocaust on Palestinians!

10 Palestinian children murdered by Israeli forces across the West Bank over three weeks. Why does #BBSee not report this?

#BBSee Israeli forces invaded refugee camp in Jerusalem and shot Wesam Faraj, 20, in the heart.

#BBSee Jewish settlers are allowed to storm sacred al-Aqsa Mosque with the backing of Israeli forces.

#BBSee Israeli soldiers/Settlers use excessive violence on Palestinian children in the West Bank and Gaza.

Israeli occupation soldiers deny Palestinians access to Al-Aqsa Mosque, while extremist Israeli settlers allowed to walk freely #BBSee

#BBSee Israeli troops kill Palestinian activist and medical doctor Hashem Azzeh with tear gas.

Why doesn’t #BBSee the reality?

Why don’t you #BBSee, you are not the news channel for me!

#BBSee what is really happening and report it!

#BBSee you’re hiding the truth while Palestinians are dying.

Why don’t you #BBSee, you only show one side on TV!

#BBSee that you are visually impaired, your news should not be aired!

How can you claim to be ‘news channel of the year’, when it is only bias news you air? #BBSee

Why don’t you report the reality of the Israeli Occupation? #BBSee

Why are you turning a blind eye to the suffering and injustice? #BBSee

Why do you highlight Israeli injuries and ignore the killing of Palestinian children, youth and women? #BBSee

Why do you only #BBSee Israeli deaths and not Palestinians killed

Why don’t you report the facts and #BBSee what you are doing is wrong

Stop the bias reporting it’s a shame on #BBSee you do this

Do you not #BBSee so many Palestinians that have been killed over the last month?

How many Palestinians have to be killed before you report the violence against them? #BBSee

Do Palestinian lives not matter? #BBSee

How many children have to be brutality murdered before you start to report their deaths #BBSee

Why is it ok for Israeli ministers to incite racist hatred towards Palestinians and not report this #BBSee

Is the truth not worth reporting #BBSee

As of Sunday 25 of Oct 57 Palestinians have been killed including 13 children and a pregnant women #BBSee

When will you report  Zionists trespassing on the Al Aqsa compound #BBSee

Why is it ok for Israeli soldiers to shoot at Palestinians praying in Al Aqsa and not report it #BBSee

There is concrete video evidence of Israelis beating innocent Palestinians, why don’t you show it #BBSee

Hey BBC do you know 10 Palestinian children have died in the past 3 weeks for being Palestinian #BBSee

Why are Jewish settlers allowed to attack Palestinians and you don’t report it #BBSee

Is Israeli racism not worth reporting? #BBSee

At least 53 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli violence #BBSee

Over 2,000 Palestinians have been injured by Israeli forces in the last month #BBSee

Israel extrajudicially executes Palestinians teens #BBSee

Israel has occupied Palestinian land for 48 years  #BBSee

Israel continues to violate international law #BBSee

What was the crime of 12-year-old Abed al-Rahman Shadi Obeidallah? #BBSee

When will you report settler hate crimes #BBSee

Israeli settlers glorify the killing of innocent Palestinian teens #BBSee

#BBSee can’t you see your bias reporting?

When will you report the facts #BBSee

Stop covering up Israel’s murders #BBSee