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I #CheckTheLabel Tweets

I #CheckTheLabel because I’m Against Oppression

I #CheckTheLabel because I Don’t Want to Buy Stolen Goods

I #CheckTheLabel because I Want Freedom for Palestine

I #CheckTheLabel 4 #Palestinians 2B counted
I #CheckTheLabel as I believe in #HumanRights
I #CheckTheLabel even if #Cameron Doesn’t
I #CheckTheLabel to Stop the Apartheid in #Palestine
I#CheckTheLabel because I Believe all People are Entitled to Basic #HumanRights
I #CheckTheLabel to Stop the Killing of Innocent Children
I #CheckTheLabel for #EthicalProduce

Palestinians living in the occupied territories are often subjected to brutal and humiliating treatment at the hands of Israeli soldiers #CheckTheLabel

Companies who operate within the Occupied Territories profit from stolen Palestinian land #CheckTheLabel

Supermarket produce labelled as being from the West Bank or Jordan Valley highly likely to be produced illegally according to int. law #CheckTheLabel

Produce from Israel and the occupied territories includes dates, olives, carrots, avocados and parsley #CheckTheLabel

Palestinians working for Israeli companies in the Occupied Territories work in exploitative conditions for very low wages #CheckTheLabel

I #CheckTheLabel Because I’m on the Justice Diet
I #CheckTheLabel Because I Don’t Want my Money Buying Bullets
I #CheckTheLabel to Help End Occupation
I #CheckTheLabel Because It’s an Effective Strategy Against Occupation
I #CheckTheLabel Because I Don’t Want to Buy Illegal Goods
I #CheckTheLabel Because I Want Freedom for Palestine
I #CheckTheLabel for the Children of Palestine
I #CheckTheLabel for Peace
I #CheckTheLabel for Love
I #CheckTheLabel for Justice
I #CheckTheLabel for the Future of the World
I #CheckTheLabel Because I’m Against Oppression
I #CheckTheLabel Because it Helped End Apartheid in South Africa
I #CheckTheLable Because it Worked in South Africa
I #CheckTheLabel Because I Want Change
I #CheckTheLabel Because I Have Hope

Help the Palestinians reclaim their stolen land #CheckTheLabel

Stand up to the brutality of Israel #CheckTheLabel

We want justice for Palestinians forced to live in Apartheid Israel I #CheckTheLabel

I #CheckTheLabel because I don’t believe in murdering innocent civilians

I #CheckTheLabel so Israel knows the world is watching them

I don’t want Israel to profit from stealing Palestinian land I #CheckTheLabel

Illegal Occupation-Not in My Name! #CheckTheLabel

I don’t want to pay for bullets that kill innocent children #CheckTheLabel

War Crimes Against Palestinians – Not in My Name! #CheckTheLabel

I condemn the theft of another 1000 acres of land by Israel in the West Bank I #CheckTheLabel

I #CheckTheLabel because I insist the Israeli Govt abides by international law and ends the Occupation

Israeli Govt needs to be pressured to dismantle illegal settlements #CheckTheLabel

I #CheckTheLabel & demand an end to the illegal occupation of Palestinian territories. I refuse to buy anything from there

Israeli settlements are illegal under International Law #CheckTheLabel

Hague regulations prohibit occupying powers frm making permanent changes in occupied areas but Israel continues 2 do so #CheckTheLabel

I #CheckTheLabel as the illegal settlements from which the goods come from have been declared by UN in 1979 as having ‘no legal validity’

I #CheckTheLabel because Israel continues to break the 4th Geneva Convention again and again & I condemn this

ICC Act 2001 part of English Criminal law makes it illegal to support Israel to transfer its civilians into Palestine #CheckTheLabel

I #CheckTheLabel as the International court of justice in 2004 declared Israeli settlements as ILLEGAL


I #CheckTheLabel as the produce is grown on illegal settlements which were established in breach of Int Law (Int court of Justice 2004)

The British Govt FCO website states the settlements in East Jerusalem and West Bank are illegal #CheckTheLabel

The UN resolutions 446 & 465 deplore the illegal settlements and it’s a war crime to move civilians into them #CheckTheLabel

I #CheckTheLabel because settlements are illegal under international law

I have a duty not to economically aid those carrying out illegal acts so I #CheckTheLabel

I #CheckTheLabel because stealing Palestinian land & growing produce on it is illegal

I #CheckTheLabel because over 95% of Palestinian land in Jordan valley is controlled by settlers

I #CheckTheLabel for illegally grown produce which we need to boycott

I #CheckTheLabel because Palestinians are forced to work as labourers on land that belongs to them and should rightly be returned to them

Israeli settlements control more than 40% of West Bank where the produce is grown and I condemn this so #CheckTheLabel

I #CheckTheLabel & support the Palestinian struggle for independence

I #CheckTheLabel because I condemn the HOME DEMOLITIONS of innocent people

I #CheckTheLabel as the produce is grown in illegal settlements where at least 250,000 Palestinians are vulnerable to attacks by settlers

Settlement industrial zones have dangerous working conditions and breach health & safety for Palestinians #CheckTheLabel

Palestinians who are forced to work on their own land by settlers do not get the minimum wage #CheckTheLabel

Israeli minimum wage is 154 shekels, and Palestinians only get 30-70 shekels a day in the settlements #CheckTheLabel

I #CheckTheLabel because I am against child cruelty

I #CheckTheLabel because child labourers should be eradicated and I will boycott any produce from these settlements

I #CheckTheLabel because Israelis use Palestinian children as young as 13 to work in these illegal settlements

I #CheckTheLabel because I believe ALL children should have a childhood

I do not support child labour in the Jordan Valley #CheckTheLabel

50% of Israel’s produce is imported by EU, I don’t support this #CheckTheLabel

Produce grown in illegal settlements ends up in Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons and Waitrose #CheckTheLabel

I refuse to economically support Israeli settlements I #CheckTheLabel

I #CheckTheLabel because as a consumer I have a choice and I will exercise that choice

I #CheckTheLabel and demand a ban on the importing of goods from the illegal settlements

I #CheckTheLabel and urge the supermarkets not to stock illegal goods from illegal settlements

I #CheckTheLabel because I care

I #CheckTheLabel because I stand 4 freedom & human rights

I #CheckTheLabel so should U

I #CheckTheLabel and I don’t buy produce from Jordan Valley, West Bank & Israel

I #CheckTheLabel I check the label, YOU check the label, WE all check the label

I #CheckTheLabel because I am a conscientious shopper

I #CheckTheLabel because I don’t support oppression

Not in my name! #CheckTheLabel

I #CheckTheLabel because I boycott Israeli produce and stand for justice

I #CheckTheLabel to help the oppressed people of #Palestine

I #CheckTheLabel as it’s the least I can do

I #CheckTheLabel as I’m for #Human Rights

I #CheckTheLabel as what’s happening in #Palestine is simply not right

I #CheckTheLabel to do my little bit for the oppressed people of #Palestine

I #CheckTheLabel as it’s easy and a must for everyone to help #Palestine

I #CheckTheLabel as it’s sweet and simple – everyone should do it

I #CheckTheLabel as I say NO to #Israeli APARTHEID

I #CheckTheLabel as I’m following in the footsteps of Mandela, Ghandi and others

I #CheckTheLabel and stand up for Palestinian Human Rights

I #CheckTheLabel as it is the humane thing to do #Palestine