Shadmot Mehola

Shadmot Mehola is an illegal Israeli settlement in the north of the Jordan Valley, established in 1979 on agricultural land belonging to the Al Fukha family from Ein al Beida. The settlement is also built 3.4km from the Green Line and is not internationally recognised.

Palestinian farmers near Shadmot Mehola are left to dry out as they watch Israeli’s grow Bananas in the Jordan Valley. One banana grove in the settlement is about 60 acres in size. Palestinian residence in the nearby village Ein al Beida, never dream about cultivating bananas because of the insufficient quota of water allocated by Israel to Palestinian villages. Farmers find it difficult to cultivate their own vegetables given the scanty area left by the occupying state. Water distribution is a huge problem bananas alone receive the equivalent of 25 to 40 per cent of the water that Israel allocates to the village of Ein al Beida, which includes the needs of 1,900 residents.

In April 2015, the settlement started a solar panel project, using at least 10 dunams of stolen Palestinian land run by the Israeli company SolarEdge.