Israeli troops shoot dead four Palestinians

January 13, 2016 /

Four Palestinians have been killed in the latest round of violence in the West Bank. The Palestinian health ministry confirmed that the three victims were killed in the north of Hebron close to the illegal settlement bloc of Gush Etizon. Local media identified the three Palestinians as brothers Ahmed, 21, and Mohammed Kawabseh, 20, and their cousin, Ala Kawabseh, 20. A Palestinian Red Crescent spokesperson stated that ambulance crews were not permitted to get close to the scene, leaving the young Palestinians to die on the scene.

Israeli soldiers claimed the men tried to stab them, but as is usual, they have provided no evidence to support this. These killings were yet more extrajudicial executions of Palestinians which is now a shocking norm for Israeli soldiers.

16 year-old, Khalil Shalalda was also shot in a second incident northeast of Hebron after allegedly stabbing an Israeli solider. Yet Israeli soldiers were injured during either incident.

Late last year, we saw a rapid increase in extrajudicial killings by Israeli forces, in October alone, 143 Palestinians were killed.

Israel continues to justify its excessive use of force and extrajudicial killings on the basis of alleged stabbing attacks, yet it has failed to provide any substantiated evidence for the allegations, which even if true, should be followed by arrest and trial. Victims of the families are unlikely to see justice or accountability for such inhumane actions of Israeli soldiers.