One of Ireland’s largest firms divest from Israel

January 13, 2016 /

CRH, one of Ireland’s largest building materials group has divested from Israel after ongoing pressure from Palestine solidarity activists. Since 2001, the company had 25 per cent of shares in the Israeli cement firm Mashav, owner of Israel’s top cement manufacturer Nesher, but in a recent BDS victory CRH have sold their shares with the Israeli company.

Nesher helped during the construction of Israel’s Wall in the West Bank, which was declared illegal by the International Court of Justice in 2004. In addition, Nesher cement has been used in constructing illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank and in the light rail network connecting Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem.

Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign chair Martin O’Quigley described the move as ““an important victory for Palestinians whose lives and livelihoods have been destroyed by the unceasing construction of the Apartheid Wall, which steals Palestinian lands, divides communities, destroys the social fabric and makes normal life impossible.”

Orange and Veolia have also recently taken a step towards justice and divested from Israel. This marks a growing trend of support from the international community in pressuring multinational companies that are complicit in the occupation. O’ Quigley further highlighted that CRH’s divestment is one of many recent high profile victories for the BDS campaign. “‘Brand Israel’, it seems, is becoming increasingly toxic and it appears that international companies are eventually learning that it doesn’t pay to do business with the Apartheid state”, he added.