EU to demand Israel pay for damages following demolition of Palestinian homes

January 16, 2016 /

The head of the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s European Organisation department, Avivit Bar Ilan, said: “We are aware that the EU is considering requesting compensation from Israel for the destruction of EU-funded projects and all other issues related to accusing Israel of violating humanitarian law with regard to the same matter.”

Haaretz newspaper said Ilan was speaking before the Knesset Foreign and Security Committee regarding what was referred to as the “illegal building” by Palestinians in the region.

The data that was presented before the commission revealed that there are about 12,000 people living in the area in question, mostly Bedouins.

The deputy head of the so-called Israeli army’s Civil Administration, Colonel Uri Mendes, said that 974 building were built in 2014, of which 408 have been demolished so far, five in the last week. Meanwhile, some of tents set up to provide shelter to those newly displaced are often confiscated the day following the houses are demolished.

Source MEMO