Netanyahu threatens to ban Muslim prayer call and polygamy

January 18, 2016 /

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu unleashed on Friday a tirade of assaults against the Muslin community in Israel, accusing them of causing noise and violating law through the call to prayer and polygamy.

During a meeting for the Likud Bloc in the Knesset, he said: “There is no respect for law in most of the Arab neighbourhoods, including the Adhan (call for Muslim Prayer) and polygamy.”

He added: “It is impossible to surrender to this. There is no religious script which allows causing noise for people through loudspeakers even in the Arab and European countries.”

Moreover, he said: “The Arab citizens living nearby to mosques are suffering. There is a law that prevents noise. Why do not we implement it?”

Netanyahu also commented on polygamy among Arabs, saying: “Women organisations keep silent like the dead in the graves regarding this phenomenon. The issue of polygamy is complicated.”

He added: “We have to be either a state of law or not. These are important words that should be implemented.”

Source MEMO