Israeli settlers storm Al-Aqsa

January 22, 2016 /

On Wednesday morning, right-wing Israeli settlers stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound from the Al Mugharbi gate. In recent months, we have seen an increase in security and regular restrictions for Palestinians in the area.

According to reports, settlers broke into the mosque in small groups creating hostility and confrontations with Palestinian worshippers.

Israeli occupational forces and extremist settlers have repeatedly violated the sanctity of Al-Aqsa Mosque on a regular basis. Settlers provoke Palestinian worshippers who try to protect their land and are always accompanied by fully armed Israeli forces allowing them to get away with what they want. This almost always leads to violent clashes.

In 2003, the Israeli government unilaterally decided to allow non-Muslim visitors into the Al-Aqsa compound, despite objections from the international community. Since then, we have seen an escalation in the number of settlers entering the compound, while Palestinian access to the holy site has become restricted.

Such raids highlight the amount of impunity settlers have under the protection of Israeli security forces. Israel’s policy over Al-Aqsa is also part of a wider plan of occupying and colonising the land from Palestinians.