Palestinian education ministry condemns Israel’s ‘targeting’ of Gaza school

March 4, 2016 /

The Palestinian ministry of education and higher education has condemned an attack on Beit Dajan Elementary School in the east of Gaza City by Israeli forces.

The ministry said in a statement released Thursday that at 2:00 pm on Wednesday, while students were still in their classrooms, the school came under fire by Israeli tanks stationed east of Gaza City.

The ministry said one of the eighth grade classrooms was hit by a bullet. The classroom had 40 students in it at the time, causing widespread panic.

It said the attack had obstructed the education of the school’s 500 students.

The ministry accused Israel of deliberately targeting the school, noting that this is considered a serious violation of all international charters and norms and called on international bodies and human rights organizations to condemn the attack and punish those responsible.

Source MEMO