Mark Regev starts job as Israel’s ambassador to the UK

April 7, 2016 /

Mark Regev has become the most well-known face of Israeli propaganda. Mr Regev has been the spokesman for Israel’s Prime Minister and at the forefront of presenting Israel’s arguments in support of war and destruction against Palestinians.

Regev’s approach has been to portray  Israel as the victim of Palestinian aggression  and provide justification for the  grave and disproportionate violence and war crimes Israel has committed against unarmed Palestinian civilians.

In addition to undermining Palestinians on a regular basis, Regev has also accused the UN Human Rights Council of being “institutionally biased,” and called it a “kangaroo court.” These comments were made after Israel’s catastrophic attack on the Gaza Strip in 2014 when the United Nations Human Rights council investigated war crimes committed during the attack. The Israeli government refused to cooperate with the inquiry and denied investigators access to Gaza. Nevertheless, the UN Human Rights council found Israel to be in violation of international humanitarian and human rights law.

In an interview with Jon Snow, Regev was vigorously questioned about Israel’s attack on Gaza in 2014 including hospitals, the killing of 4 Palestinian boys on Gaza’s beach and Israel’s lack of courage to speak to Hamas regarding a ceasefire.

Furthermore, Israel killed 2,205 Palestinians during its 50-day bombardment, regardless of these facts and figures, Regev consistently uses media interviews as an opportunity to mask Israel’s human rights violations and continually points the blame at the victims.

In a similar interview with the BBC, Regev was questions about the Israeli bombing of a UN school in Beit Hanoun that killed at least 16 Palestinians. Regev defended the bombing and diverted answering questions about Israel’s role and instead focuses on  Palestinian violations in order to avoid tough questions. Alex Nunns created a video deciphering Regev’s BBC interview, his rhetoric is challenged and the subtitles filter through Regev’s cunning speech.

With Regev becoming Israel’s new ambassador to the UK it seems as though the same Israeli rhetoric and Palestinian blaming will continue. His new position in London is likely to be the consequence of growing support for pro-Palestinian activism in the UK. On Wednesday 6th of April Regev visited Valerie Amos, Director at SOAS University in London. Amos welcomed Regev to her office despite the schools recent land sliding BDS victory last year.  An emergency demonstration against Amos’s meeting with Regev took place today at SOAS, demanding the release of minutes of the meeting.

The BDS movement in the UK is growing, human rights groups are continuing to lobby and campaign for justice for Palestinians and pro-Palestinian student activism is on the rise. With these trends developing in the UK, Regev will face a tough battle trying to turn the tables around. He will have a hard job attempting to cover up Israel’s well-documented war crimes, apartheid and racist policies.