Pro-Israel activists plot against the BDS movement at UN conference

June 7, 2016 /

Last week 1,500 activists attended a conference at the UN General Assembly in New York that aimed at stopping the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement.

The conference highlighted strategies to name and shame those who support the BDS movement as a way of smearing individuals who support the cause. This is not a new idea Israel has been advocating this tactic for years. However, despite Israel’s efforts it has had little impact on the growing momentum of BDS. The aim was to speak young by targeting college students to counter the growing support for BDS and to  crush the Palestinian-led BDS movement by rebranding BDS as a hate group.

“For those who are still convinced that BDS isn’t working they simply need to look at the time, energy and money being spent to counter the BDS movement. We know that BDS is working because of the number of cases of individuals, institutions and companies taking action against Israel’s illegal occupation. The growing concern from pro-Israeli activist about the BDS movement shows that it is working. We urge everyone to join our campaigns and continue to support this vital human rights cause.” – FOA

BDS is growing because people are becoming increasingly aware of Israel’s human rights abuses and it’s continual violations against international law. Politically conscious citizens and organisations are taking a stand against Israel’s oppression of Palestinians. Not only are people boycotting to stop Israel’s illegal occupation but because it is the Palestinians themselves who have called for a boycott.