Tel Aviv shooting results in collective punishment for Palestinians

June 9, 2016 /

Four Israelis were killed during an attack in Sarona Market in Tel Aviv on Wednesday night. Israeli police say that attackers were two Palestinians from the same family from the town of Yatta, south of the city of Hebron in the occupied West Bank. Israel has already taken steps to collectively punish all of their relatives by withholding over 200 travel permits for extended family members.

Surprisingly, the attackers were arrested rather than extra-judicially assassinated as has become Israeli policy. Since October 2015, over 200 Palestinians have been shot and killed by Israeli soldiers, settlers and even civilians. In the same period, 33 Israelis have been killed by Palestinians. Of those killed, many were accused of attempting to attack Israeli soldiers despite no evidence being provided. Many teenagers have been shot and killed at checkpoints, which has been documented by human rights groups. This is the cycle of violence which has persisted as a direct result of the occupation and Israel’s oppressive and violent policies.

Date posted: 09/06/2016