Celebrities show support for Palestine on daytime TV

August 2, 2016 /

Former EastEnders actor John Altman appeared on Loose Women talking about his battle with alcoholism earlier this week. His appearance caused attention from viewers not because of his story but because of what he was wearing. Mr Altman wore a small Palestinian badge with a Palestinian flag showing his support and solidarity.

Some viewers were outraged by his political decision and believed that political statements should not be made during daytime TV. However, a poll on the daily express asked readers whether they think the actor should have been allowed to wear a Palestine badge? Over 80% of readers voted yes. Many viewers supported the decision as one twitter user wrote “great to see John Altman wearing his Palestine badge with pride…” Twitter users also used the hashtags #Palestine #FreePalestine to show their support.

Despite people’s feelings towards showing political solidarity on daytime TV what this incident highlights is the growing mainstream support for Palestine. People are no longer afraid to stand up for peace and justice for the Palestinian people. A small badge that Mr Altman was wearing shows us that celebrities as well as ordinary citizens are willing to become politically active to help end Israel’s illegal occupation.