263 days after killing, Palestinian body returned by Israel

September 9, 2016 /

Abd al-Muhsen Hassuneh, 21, was shot and killed by Israeli forces on 14 December last year. On Thursday,in the early morning, more than 250 days later,  Israel returned the young man’s body to his family, Maan News reports.

Hassuneh after he attacked a bus stop in East Jerusalem by ramming his car into it. The incident injured 11 Israelis. Hassuneh’s mother told Maan:

“We have waited 263 days to receive his body and bury him … Abd was special among his brothers as he was my son and my friend. I miss seeing him and kissing him every day”

The 21-year-old was buried soon afterwards in al-Mujahidin cemetery near the Old City.

According to al-Muhsen’s father, Shaher Hassuneh, who spoke to Maan the funeral, was a large presence of Israeli forces in and around the funeral, preventing access to some nearby streets. Moreover, photography and group prayer was prohibited. The number of family members in attendance was also limited to 25 and they were forced to pay a fee.

The family were also prevented from referring to the slain man as a “martyr”.

The release of al-Muhsen’s body comes just days after Israeli police killed 27-year-old Mustafa Nimir, who they initially claimed was carrying out a similar ramming attack. It emerged later that Nimir was killed ‘by mistake’ according to Israeli intelligence officials and that he was reportedly out after buying food and baby clothes for his family.


Source: MEMO