A slow news week for Jewish Chronicle

October 6, 2016 /

The Jewish Chronicle has front-paged a rather dull story about FOA at the Conservative party conference this week. Our successful fringe event focussing on ‘Is Aid the Solution’ to resolving the occupation of Palestine has ruffled feathers. The JC does not focus on the discussion, the arguments, or the issue. Never mind about the Palestinians. No, the JC focuses on undermining FOA, Ismail Patel and the audacity of the event itself.

“Claims about my support for Raed Salah are deliberately misrepresented, as the JC well knows. The case for deporting Raed Salah from the UK occurred before he was convicted of any offence,” said Ismail Patel, chair of FOA.

“The aim here is clear – those who support Israel unapologetically are making a concerted effort to concoct  stories in order to delegitimise and undermine all efforts to bring the Palestine discourse into mainstream Politics. This attack on FOA and Crispin Blunt MP is aimed at hiding Israeli atrocities and deterring other MPs from engaging with this issue. It is a clear attack on freedom of speech, and the JC’s shameless use of scaremongering tactics should be condemned. If JC had a point to make they should have attended the fringe,” added Ismail Patel.