November 10, 2016 /

Who occupies the seat at the White House plays a pivotal role in the future of Palestine. The news of the new presidency yesterday shocked many, and finite policies towards Palestine and indeed the wider world community, are yet be revealed. The mere fact that in his candidature Donald Trump was so openly bigoted in his rhetoric gives enormous cause for concern, but what will this mean for Palestinians? Mahmoud Abbas today stated the he hopes that “US President Trump will re-evaluate unbalanced US policies towards Palestine”[1]  Israel have already come out in congratulations for the new presidency, with Naftali Bennett Israeli Education Minister outrageously declaring that a Trump presidency brings the demise of the two-state solution. His response to Trump’s win was, “The era of a Palestinian state is over..” naming Trump “a true friend of the state of Israel,”[2]

As the first ever US presidential campaign to physically extend itself to Israel with a  campaign office in illegal West Bank settlements[3], it is no wonder Israel can count Trump as a true friend. Not only has Trump demonstrated his close ‘friendship’, but he has served to legitimise illegal settlements by making them a hub for international political affairs. In light of this election, and the huge and long sustained US support for Israel, it is clear that we are not expecting a positive change, however it must be reinforced that the international community condemn such actions that allow the US to endorse illegal and unjust practices of the Israeli state.





Published 12/11/2016