Israel's Anti-BDS moves receive multi-million dollar budget

November 16, 2016 /

Following up on last week’s move to suppress the BDS movement, a large sum of Israeli government budget is announced to be going towards their anti-BDS campaign. The move which would see BDS supporters unjustly detained and stopped was discussed last week in Israeli parliament. It edged closer to final approval yesterday, with the final seal being laid down in budgetary terms. With record amounts of aid being received from the US[1] and elsewhere, the budget it seems has no limits. This aid received the US is being used to suppress legitimate peaceful actions as well as to promote illegal Israel activities. A huge $35 million is being put towards stopping BDS campaigners[2], making it clear that Israel is feeling the pinch of actions that have been imposed by the BDS movement.

The dedication to halting the campaign is a direct result of its success. BDS supporters must be motivated by this to carry the movement forward with greater impact, to put even greater pressure on Israel to stop its illegal occupation. It is also an attempt to shut down legitimate protest which is something that should also not be tolerated by the international community, as well as supporters of the movement.



16th November 2016