BDS update – A week of losses for G4S

December 8, 2016 /

The UN World Food Programme in Jordan has dropped 4 out of 6 of its contracts with G4S following an ongoing BDS campaign. The organisation had contracts worth more than US $900,000[1] in 2015, however they have decided to use a local security service provider instead.

This has been a week of big losses all-round for G4S as last Friday they announced the sale of most Israeli business, due in part to “reputational damage” created by the BDS movement.  G4S has been running prisons in which Palestinians are imprisoned without trial and undergo torture, as well as providing military and checkpoint equipment. G4S is selling most of its interests in Israel, but will maintain some of its illegal operations in Israel. We will continue to campaign for G4S sell the remainder of its interests in Israel to demonstrate its support for the human rights of Palestinians.


8th December 2016