EU must act to stop destruction of their aid buildings

December 14, 2016 /

In a statement made on Tuesday the European Union Representative and the EU Heads of Mission stated that they, “deplore the demolitions of Palestinian structures undertaken by Israel,”. The statement declared that Israel has made a clear violation of international humanitarian law. Israeli authorities destroyed Palestinian buildings that had been provided as humanitarian aid from the EU and its member states. The EU statement reiterated its call on Israel to stop the demolition of Palestinian homes and property, stating:

“In line with its long-standing position on this issue, the EU calls upon the Israeli authorities to halt demolitions of Palestinian houses and property in accordance with its obligations as an occupying power under international humanitarian law, and to cease the policy of settlement construction and expansion, of designating land for exclusive Israeli use, and of denying Palestinian development.”

This is only one of many instances. Since 2001 an estimated US $74million of EU aid has gone to waste in demolitions like this. The question remains as to why there has been relative inaction from the EU in response to such desecration of their projects, let alone the immorality surrounding the consequences for the Palestinian people. We therefore urge the EU to act to ensure that these remorseless demolitions are stopped by holding Israel accountable. Doing so would send a clear message, confirming that the Israeli authorities are not free to carelessly contravene the EU and the wider international community.

14th December 2016