US support for Israel shows no sign of slowing

December 15, 2016 /

Despite US domestic politics currently being at a crossroads, foreign policy has made a firm stand with Israel. US support for Israel shows no signs of abating, bridging seamlessly from current to future presidents. Current plans include the imminent signing of a US $600 million military aid deal to assist Israeli defence systems[1], to future plans for President-elect Trump to move the US embassy to Jerusalem[2].

This new $600 million is in addition to a record US$38 billion-over-10-years that was promised this September.[3] The consistent donations of aid from the US have allowed Israel to use excessive force, which has caused violence and destruction to the Palestinians in Gaza. The same funds will have also financed equipment and arms that are used in the demolition of Palestinian property built by EU humanitarian aid[4]. Overall, the financial support from the US maintains the systematic oppression of the Palestinian people.

Measures must be taken to stop complicity in this occupation through consistent military aid, particularly while Israel will not agree to comply with international law. FOA have campaigned to stop UK sales of arms to Israel, and our position on US arms remains the same. We call on the international community to take decisive action to stop the sustained and extensive funding of Israel’s occupation.