FOA Statement – Student Rights

January 26, 2017 /

Student Rights have put out an incredibly subjective and poor ‘article’ attacking anything and everything FOA does on campuses. We do a lot!

Student activism is positive and essential to free speech on campuses. Students across the country are doing a great job at bringing important issues to the fore, and pushing these issues in closer focus for the government.

The growth of our student volunteers and student activism doesn’t seem to sit well with those who think our legitimate views and campaigns should not be allowed on campus. Given the lack of legitimacy of Student Rights themselves, this is almost comical. The NUS (National Union of Students) passed a motion officially condemning them as, “an insidious organisation” in 2014, because their work on extremism led to “witch-hunts” on Muslims.

As evidenced, the witch hunt is ongoing and extends to Student Rights’ current spotlight on FOA. Choosing to focus on us as an organisation, and as individuals, attacking us using spurious links rather than focusing on the content of our debate, is a clear demonstration of Student Rights’ inability to engage in legitimate debate. 

Not only does their response to activism reveal a keenness to stifle debate, it also demonstrates the group’s frustrations at not being able to argue for the continuation of illegal and immoral Israeli policies against Palestinians.