No to scapegoating Muslims. No to Islamophobia: Just say ‘No’ to Donald Trump

February 3, 2017 /

Donald Trump’s travel ban on people from Muslim countries is divisive and against universal principles of humanity. There has been a tremendous reaction against Trump and his policies in the UK. Over 1.7 million have signed petition calling to prevent Trump from making a state visit to the UK. Additionally, thousands of people have demonstrated across the country.

Friends of Al-Aqsa supports the call to stop Trump being welcomed by the UK government on a state visit until his discriminatory policies are halted.

Rising Islamophobia has been a serious problem in the UK as a direct result of a move to the far right and the Trump presidency. This growing mood of isolationism is not one that sits comfortably alongside British values of diversity and inclusion.

Ismail Patel said,

“We appreciate the need for a special relationship with the USA, but it can’t come before justice and equality.”

We are calling upon you to join us this Saturday at:

When? Saturday 4th of February at 11am

Where? Starting at the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square, Mayfair, London, W1A 2LQ – Nearest station Bond Street, and marching to Downing Street.