UK MP’s call on settlement expansion to stop

February 10, 2017 /

Debate in Parliament has in a decisive motion concluded that Israeli settlement expansion must stop. This follows Israel’s attempt to retroactively legitimise over 4,000 illegal settlement houses in Palestinian West Bank.

The UK parliament in effect reaffirmed UN resolution 2334, calling on Israel to:

immediately halt the planning and construction of residential settlements in the Occupied Territories.”

British MP’s were in agreement that they;

“reaffirm support for the negotiation of a lasting peace between two sovereign states of Israel and Palestine, both of which must be viable and contiguous within secure and internationally recognised borders;

The motion concluded that the continued planning and construction of settlements;

“ both contrary to international law and undermines the prospects for the contiguity and viability of the state of Palestine.”[1]

The debate has also come off the back of Netanyahu being welcomed by Theresa May at Downing Street this week.  The fact that May is entertaining Netanyahu, and MP’s are debating against his policies, suggests some discrepancy between the two.

Despite the flagrant violation of international law and an act of belligerence. It appears the British government is reluctant to go beyond platitudes in taking concrete actions against Israel.


10th February 2017