Support Palestine Expo!

June 17, 2017 /

Join Thousands to Support the Right to Help Palestinians
Since Friends of Al-Aqsa launched Palestine Expo, thousands of people have come forward to support us.
Palestine Expo on 8 – 9 July in London will be the biggest Palestine social, culture, and entertainment event to be held in Europe.
However, we are facing a barrage of false and defamatory claims against us and need your help to defend the rights of Palestinians. The aim of these individuals and groups is not only to stop Palestine Expo to take place but ultimately to ban the rights of all people in the UK to speak freely about the occupation of Palestine.
What’s the problem? 
Predictably, we are facing a vicious coordinated campaign by a section of the pro-Israel camp led by Jewish Human Rights Watch (JHRW) who would rather not see an event celebrating Palestinian culture and life take place.
FOA and our Chairman, Ismail Patel, have been accused by JHRW of spreading ‘Jew hate’ because, amongst other things, we support Boycott Divestment and Sanction of Israel. This baseless accusation is made even though many Jewish groups and individuals are presenting at Palestine Expo! In any event, our only reason for supporting BDS is to help with conflict resolution and pressure Israel to end the occupation. It has nothing to do with being anti-Semitic!
They have also outrageously claimed that Palestine Expo should not be allowed to take place so close to Westminster, in a disgraceful attempt to exploit the recent horrific Westminster incident for their own gain.
We are not going to let them or anyone else get away with trying to tarnish the event and our reputation. Palestine Expo will go ahead and we are determined to make it an even bigger success with your help.
We want to take JHRW to court and we need your help! We have instructed our lawyers and the legal battle against them has started. We ask you for help towards our legal costs in bringing this defamation case against the ‘Jewish Human Rights Watch’ group, whose sole aim seems to be to shut down legitimate debate about Israel/Palestine.
Please help us by donating today.
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