Response to Jewish Chronicle Article

July 7, 2017 /

Jewish Chronicle’s desperate last attempt to undermine Palestine Expo, by falsely attributing a quote to a speaker.

The Jewish Chronicle has made a last minute attempt to undermine Palestine Expo, the two-day event due to take place in central London this weekend. In the latest edition of the paper, South African speaker Shaykh Bham is falsely accused of saying ‘Jews are fleas’ in a lecture available online.

Anyone listening to the 24 minute lecture will quickly realise that this is completely false. Shaykh Bham speaks of the history of suffering faced by the Palestinians, and tracing the history back to the suffering of the Jewish people by the Nazis.

Shaykh Bham quotes Goebbels,  to demonstrate to the audience how despicably Jewish people were treated during the Nazi era. The Goebbels quote likened Jews to fleas.

This is a despicable statement from Goebels, a Nazi mastermind, and Shaykh Bham clearly uses it to demonstrate how terrible the treatment of the Jews under Nazi persecution was.

He then goes on to state that similar treatment is now being experienced by Palestinians under Israeli occupation – that of being sub-human. He substantiates that by quoting Israeli leaders who denied that the Palestinian people even exist, such as Golda Meir’s Sunday Times interview of 1969.

Whether this is a sentiment that the Jewish Chronicle agrees with or not is beside the point. There has clearly been a deliberate attempt to attribute a quote to Shaykh Bham which he did not make, in order to damage him and in turn, to undermine the Palestine Expo event.

There have been many attempts to censor the Palestinian voice by a concerted effort to stop Palestine Expo going ahead. We have been told by the secretary of state for communities he is content for the event to go ahead this weekend.

‘This is a desperate and underhanded tactic being used by the JC in what seems to be another attempt to undermine Palestine Expo. This brings their roles as journalists into clear disrepute. We hope this encourages many more people to attend the event and find out what life is really like for Palestinians on a daily basis’ said Ismail Patel, Chair of FOA.