PRESS RELEASE: Palestine Expo

July 8, 2017 /

Press Release

Saturday 8 July 17

Palestine Expo arrives at the heart of London

Friends of Al-Aqsa is extremely pleased to be hosting Palestine Expo at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster this weekend! We look forward to welcoming 7,000 people over two days, to celebrate all things Palestinian.

Our dozens of speakers come from all walks of life. We have Palestinians, Israelis, Brits and many others. Palestine Expo is not about religion, and our speakers and guests are Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Atheist and more – all brought together to take part in the biggest Palestine event in Europe.

In the last few weeks, we have faced an uphill struggle in bringing this event about. Deliberate and underhand campaigns have attempted to undermine FOA and the event, using all manner of false and baseless allegations. We welcome everyone to attend Palestine Expo and judge the event for themselves. They will be welcomed by dozens of volunteers, exhilarated by the stunning visual displays, stimulated by speakers from an array of backgrounds, and treated to tantalising Palestinian cuisine.

‘Palestine Expo is intended to be a celebration of Palestinian life, as we mark the centenary of the  Balfour Declaration where Palestine was promised to another people. This event is a reminder that Palestinian life and culture has survived the past 100 years, even under the most difficult and testing of circumstances’ said Ismail Patel, Chair of FOA.

In response to allegations that extremists are being given a platform at Palestine Expo, FOA categorically denies this.

Muslim speakers have been deliberately misquoted in order to create fear and sew seeds of discord. Sadly, Campaigners for a free Palestine are all too familiar with such underhand tactics which seek to delegitimise our work.

FOA will strive to continue our work in raising awareness, even against all the odds. On this note, we welcome all our guests to Palestine Expo, and hope that they all experience an inspiring visit.