#HandsOffAlAqsa Update

July 20, 2017 /

The continued draconian measures by the Israeli occupation resulted in shooting taking place within Al-Aqsa sanctuary. This resulted in the killing of 3 Palestinians and 2 Israeli security officers.

Israel used the pretext of the shooting to deny access to the Al Aqsa sanctuary.
For the first time since 1969 Al-Aqsa was shut for Friday prayers.

Further, in order to create greater control over Al-Aqsa, Israel has, under the guise of security, created new measures. These measures include humilating checkpoint-style turnstiles, spy cameras within Al-Aqsa and metal detectors at entrances.

FOA is greatly concerned at the provocative measures taken by the Israeli occupation forces. Yesterday Israeli forces further shot the Grand Mufti Sh Ikrama Sabri with rubber bullets, he is now hospitalised and injuring scores of Palestinians.

These attempts by Israel to wrest control of Al-Aqsa are in violation of international law and we demand for the immediate unimpeded access to Al-Aqsa for all the Muslims.

FOA have made a call to all Imams and Masajid in the UK to dedicate the next Jummah Khutba on the Virtues of Masjid Al-Aqsa.