Generation Palestine – The Student Movement Conference

July 26, 2018 /

Palestine Expo is proud to present Generation Palestine: The Student Movement Conference.

This will be THE student pro-Palestine event of the year; held at an exclusive secret venue which will only be revealed to attendees in the run up to the conference.

Book your ticket to help make Palestine a key issue on campuses across the UK. Join us for a day of interactive workshops, lively panel discussions and create exciting networks to strengthen the student movement.

Nearest Station: Holborn 

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Palestine 101

An easy to digest timeline of major events will help you understand the chronology of Palestine’s history. Our journey will start in 1917 when the Balfour Declaration was signed, a moment in history that paved the path of oppression and the displacement of millions of Palestinians which continues to this very day.

Countering Pro Israeli Narrative on Campus

Learn how to answer typical questions through watching a live re-enactment of conversations taking place on campus. You will get the chance to ask any questions you never knew how to answer.

Engaging with and Utilising Digital Media

In this important workshop you will learn how to effectively use the various social media platforms to get the Palestinian message across. Get the inside knowledge on utilising trends, which apps to use and how to monitor hashtags.

Understanding and successfully implementing BDS

Learn what BDS means and how to apply it on your campus. From raising awareness of the BDS movement and creative strategic campaigning to passing BDS motions.

How to get active for Palestine – Join FOA

Hear how you can be part of the fastest growing pro-Palestine organisation in the UK.

Come and utilise your skills to create effective campaigns such as #RebootYourEthics and #NotInMyFridge and deliver events such as Palestine Expo 2019.


Jerusalem: On the ground

The panel will discuss the increase of illegal Israeli settlements, the restriction on holy sites, Palestinians being denied the right to live with their spouse and how Jerusalem is being sealed off.

Gaza: Now and Next

It’s been 11 years since Israel imposed a land, sea and air siege on Gaza. Learn how this ongoing siege has affected the people of Gaza and what the international community can do for nearly 2 million of its residents. 

Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia

Come and learn how the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) redefinition of anti-Semitism deliberately tries to silence campaigning for Palestinian rights. And with the normalisation of anti-Muslim rhetoric along with the rise of far-right hate groups, what can we can do to help combat the growth of hate?

Prevent, Palestine and University Complicity

Prevent, the government’s counter-terrorism strategy, falsely claim one indicator for radicalisation is a ‘desire for political and moral change’. Learn how this is used to unfairly target Palestine activism, threaten freedom of speech on campus and how we can challenge this.

The Big Questions on Campus

This is where you get to ask any questions from anything you learnt on the day.

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Nearest Station: Holborn