Israel Holding Settler Youths Over Killing Of Palestinian Woman

January 8, 2019 /

Five minors from an illegal Israeli settlement have been arrested for allegedly committing the murder of Aisha al-Nabi. All the five were students in the illegal Rehelim settlement in the Northern West Bank. Rehelim was constructed on land seized from the Palestinian town of As-Sawiya.

The accused were all students from the Pri Ha’aretz school in Rehelim. Students from the school have previously vandalised a Palestinian olive grove and it has been visited by a guest lecturer who had previously written a pamphlet praising a terrorist who killed Palestinians, according to The Times of Israel.

Shabtay Bendet, one of the founders of the settlement, stated that “right-wing settler leaders have been teaching the younger generation in the settlements that it is permitted to break the law for the sake of vision and ideology” and suggested that some militant settlers believe that “law and basic human morality are not red lines in the struggle for the whole Land of Israel”.

2018 saw a tripling of Israeli hate crimes against Palestinians, with a total of 482 reported in the occupied West Bank last year.