UN Report Opens Up Possibility Of Charging Israel With War Crimes

March 1, 2019 /

The United Nations Human Rights Council has published its report into Israeli military attacks on peaceful Palestinian protesters. Over the last year Israeli forces have killed over 250 Palestinians and maimed over 6000 peaceful protesters who did not pose a threat.

The report highlighted that three clearly-marked paramedics and journalists were among those targeted by the IDF. It also found grounds to believe that snipers from the Israeli military deliberately targeted civilians including children and disabled people.

The report was produced by a commission set up by the UN’s Human Rights Council. The commission’s chair stated that they had “reasonable grounds to believe” that Israel committed “violations of international human rights and humanitarian law”. Some of these violations likely amounted to war crimes or crimes against humanity.

A member of the commission, Sara Hossain, stated that “[Israeli soldiers] intentionally shot children. They have intentionally shot people with disabilities. They have intentionally shot journalists”. Hossain also stated that “live fire was used completely unlawfully”.

The report has also revealed that Israeli authorities repeatedly ignored requests for information and refused to cooperate with the UN investigation process. The commission recommended that UN members impose sanctions on those responsible for killing civilians in the form of a “travel ban or assets freeze”. In light of the findings the International Criminal Court could now open a full investigation into potential war crimes committed by members of the Israeli military.