UK Lawyers for Israel’s attempt to stop “Palestine Expo”

July 2, 2019 /

Press Release:

UK Lawyers for Israel (UKLFI) claims on its website that Friends of al Aqsa has been “pressed to curb BDS content” at this weekend’s Palestine Expo.

Friends of al Aqsa wish to make it clear that we have not received any such communication from any institutes, authorities or companies. Palestine Expo will take place on 6&7 July Olympia.

UKLFI have made no attempt to contact us, the organisers of Palestine Expo.

UKFI’s failed attempts to close down a totally legitimate event in London is a worrying challenge to free speech and open debate.

Palestine Expo is celebration of Palestinian culture, art, music and community, and a positive forum for open and honest debate on the future of Palestine and the rights of Palestinians.

It is deeply disappointing that a group that has patrons from House of Lords like Lord Young, Lord Howard and Lord Carlile wish to unduly influence certain stakeholders in a cynical attempt to halt this event.

“Palestine Expo is proud to announce we are an inclusive event and seek to continue our efforts to bring about justice for the Palestinians” said the Chair, Ismail Patel. “We look forward to welcoming of visitors to celebrate Palestine with us this weekend at Olympia London”.