Israel imposes administrative detention on 4 Young Palestinian women.

December 17, 2019 /

Alaa Basher, Bushra al-Tawil, Shatha Hassan and Shuruq AlBaden arrested in the last week are being held by Israeli forces without charge or trial.

Israel uses the label of Administrative detention to hold Palestinians as prisoners without informing them why they are being held or allowing them to stand trial.

Further, being under administrative detention means the review of the cases of 4 women will be held behind closed doors. The public or family members of the detainee are not allowed to hear the case and only the Israeli judge, the military prosecutor, a representative of the intelligence and the lawyer of the accused in some cases are allowed to be inside the court.

This flagrant denial of rights of detainees is going on a daily basis and Israel has abused this by holding one Palestinian for 8 years on administrative detention.

Shatha Hassan is a Birzeit University student is seen in a videos circulated on social media telling her mother on being arrested to “Pray for me”. Israel has routinely target Palestinian university students, trying to silence them against raising concerns with the occupation. According to the Right to Education campaign, Israel is holding 80 students in prisons – including 20 who are yet to be informed the reasons for their arrest.