Call on Israel to immediately end the enclosure of the Gaza strip

January 11, 2021 /

Dear Rt. Hon. Dominic Raab MP,

Since 2007, two million Palestinians, half of them children have been under a prolonged closure by Israel inside 365km2 area of the Gaza Strip.

A UN Report published in November 2020 shows that from 2007 until 2018 the siege has costed Palestinians approximately £12.4 billion and more than 50% of its population lives below the poverty line.

Restrictions and policies imposed by Israel mean Gaza ground water aquifer is rapidly deteriorating in both quantity and quality with 97% of the available water undrinkable which is having disastrous consequence in peoples health. On most days residents of Gaza receives between 5 and 15 hours of electricity, vital medical equipment and medicine is not being received.

We remind Israel, during the global Covid pandemic it has a duty of ensuring and maintaining the “adoption and application of the prophylactic and preventive measures necessary to combat the spread of contagious diseases and epidemics” as stated in Article 56 of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

We, the undersigned, therefore, call on Israel to immediately end the enclosure of the Gaza strip.