Boycott List

May 20, 2021 /

Boycott is about using your power as and individual to withdraw your support from companies that help sustain Israel’s illegal occupation on Palestine.

HEWLETT PACKARD (HP) branded cooperation’s provide hardware and date to the Israeli army and police. This forms the backbone of Israel’s racial segregation and apartheid.

Check out our #RebootYourEthics campaign.

COCA-COLA operates in an illegal Israeli settlement, this is built on stolen Palestinian land. They are illegal and violate international law.

Check out our #NotInMyFridge campaign. 

PUMA sponsors Israel Football Association (IFA), which manage football clubs in illegal Israeli settlements.

Check out our #BoycottPUMA campaign.

ISRAELI PRODUCE when shopping for your grocery or products. Boycott all produce that is marked from ‘Israel’, ‘West Bank’ and the ‘Jorden Valley’.

Check out our #CheckTheLabel campaign. 

Boycotts need to be researched, strategic and focused. If we have fewer targets we can place more pressure on the companies.

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