The Human Story Of Gaza

May 20, 2021 /

In this mayhem, I want to share a story about my dearest friend Duaa’ Hitta, 38 years old. She was an architect who had three sweet young children.

On Monday night 17 May, while she and her family were sleeping, the Israeli occupation forces, without warning, struck their home and neighbouring residential buildings with missiles. The Israel bombing killed 42 people. These bodies were dragged out from under the rubble by neighbours. Most of them were children and women.

Duaa’, who had the mobile phone at hand, made panic phone calls to friends informing them they were being bombed and to come for help.

Despite the drones and jets flying over Gaza, family and friends rushed to help. They started pulling the rubble away, hoping to find survivors.

The dangers of being bombed by Israel did not deter the friends and family and they continued with their efforts. The sounds of groans and help from the rubble were signs of survivors, making the people continue with their efforts.

After 10 hours of shifting rubble and dodging Israeli fire, the neighbours got to Duaa’s family. Duaa’, her husband, and two sons, 4 and 8 years old were all killed. Only 11 year Aziz, who was protected under his father’s body, survived.

The physical injuries suffered by Aziz will no doubt soon be addressed. But who can ever repair the emotional damage of having the mother, father and whole family being taken away.