Sheikh Jarrah families reject to pay Settlers for living in their homes

November 3, 2021 /

In October, Israel’s Supreme Court proposed that four Palestinian families remain in their homes for 15 years as “protected tenants” while paying rent to the illegal settlers.

The court gave the families until November 2 to decide whether to accept. However, the Palestinians “unanimously rejected the settlement offered by the occupation (Israeli) court”. Muna el-Kurd, one of the Palestinians facing eviction, said, “this refusal comes from our faith in the justice of our case and our rights to our homes and homeland”.

The Palestinians facing forced eviction from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah must not be seen as an isolated event but an Israeli colonial structural policy. Israel is predicated on three principles. First, to have maximum territorial expansion. Second, inserting a majority of Jews on the occupied land and finally, imposing imperial domination.

In this sense, the degrading of Sheikh Jarrah residents from owners to tenants is part of the logic of Israeli Colonialism. It is a policy of hardship that ushers in segregation, incarceration and humiliation that makes life next to impossible. An ideology that does not simply operate to eliminate Palestinians but strategically reduce Palestinian options to Israeli colonial policy. The underlying priority of the logic is to eliminate the Palestinian as a political subject and an indigenous human body.

The rejection of Sheikh Jarrah’s resident to succumb to the occupiers orders is an obstacle not to the event of eviction but broader Israeli colonial logic. Their refusal forces Israel to continue with the ethnic cleansing or account for the views of the Palestinians. In either case, Israel is exposed as a pariah. In this case, the resistance of Sheikh Jarrah residents is a call upon the international community to collaborate with them and forge an alliance of solidarity to keep the Palestinian issue alive. This is the first step in civil societies worldwide, demanding their respective government go beyond moral outrage and impose immediate sanctions on Israel.