Calling for Google to put #PalestineOnTheMap

By leaving Palestine off the map, Google is contributing to the colonisation of Palestinian territory by Israel

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Put #PalestineOnTheMap

Sign the UK focused petition urging Google to put #PalestineOnTheMap!

Target is  10,000 signatures to hand in this petition to Google London HQ.

Below is the full text of the petition.

As supporters of Palestinian human rights and users of Google, we demand Google to put #PalestineOnTheMap.

The State of Palestine is recognised by 138 countries of the UN and is currently an ‘Observer State’. Palestine’s geographical location is supported by the majority of countries and the UK has also voted for the recognition of Palestine.

Google Maps does not acknowledge Palestine.

By refusing to recognise Palestine, Google refuses to recognise its 5 million people, their plight to reclaim their rights and ignores Palestine’s status in the international community.

Google Maps does not acknowledge checkpoints, road blocks or the segregated road system.

This not only endangers Palestinians by directing them towards illegal Israeli settlements and restricted roads but its entire user experience ignores the reality of the occupation.

Google Maps shows a clear discrepancy between Palestinian villages and Israeli villages.

In occupied territories Palestinian areas are either misrepresented or are rarely included if unrecognised by Israel, whilst illegal Israeli settlements/villages are clearly displayed.

Google, we urge you to:

  • Recognise the state of Palestine on your maps.
  • Recognise and accurately display all restrictions of movement for Palestinians and restricted roads.
  • Provide a fair representation of Palestinian villages as given to Israeli communities.


Calling for Google to put #PalestineOnTheMap

Google has yet to acknowledge Palestine on Google Maps. They are knowingly overlooking Palestine’s international status and providing incorrect location information.

Google Maps does not acknowledge routes for Palestinians or the military checkpoints, leaving Palestinians unable to use its maps.

Erasing Palestine contributes to the disregarding of Palestinian rights and the imbalance of power between Israel-Palestine.

Stand up against the erasing of Palestine and sign our ‘Palestine On The Map’ petition to demand Google recognises Palestine on its Maps.

This petition will be addressed to Google’s Ethan Russell and Ronan Harris who have the power to set Google Maps labelling.  This petition will be handed into Google’s London offices.

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