Learn about and #LoveAqsa

Aqsa Week is a week of educational events designed to bring global focus to Al-Aqsa mosque and the plight of the Palestinians. This year held between 24th Feb - 2nd March.

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Learn about and #LoveAqsa

UPDATE: Aqsa Week 2023 to be held Monday 13th Feb – Sunday 19th Feb

Aqsa Week is a global initiative to promote the love of Masjid Al-Aqsa.

It is an incredible week for people around the world to create conversation and raise awareness on the centrality of Masjid Al-Aqsa as well as the plight of the Palestinian people. The week includes workshops, talks, activities and shareable content for adults and children, all under the banner of #LoveAqsa.

Similar to previous years, we are calling upon university societies, families, mosques, work places, halaqas, local councils and parliaments around the world to hold events under the banner of #LoveAqsa.

Here are potential ideas of areas your events could cover:

  • What is Al-Aqsa?
  • What is the history and significance of Al-Aqsa?
  • What are the dangers, including human rights abuses, faced by Al-Aqsa and the Palestinians?

These events should also recognise other oppressed and colonised people. Aqsa Week should be used to teach Muslim and non-Muslims of the great heritage of Masjid Al-Aqsa and how to support occupied people across the world.

Last year the event garnered support from various countries and organisations as well as from Palestine itself.

For resources please click on the links below:

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Coverage includes: The Arab News, The Palestine Chronicle 

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