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Calling for a boycott of Coca-Cola, due to its support of Israel's illegal and immoral occupation.

Coca-Cola violates international law by operating in two illegal Israeli settlements. Settlements are built up Israeli communities created on pre-existing Palestinian land.

Take Action

Review a restaurant

Review a restaurant on their social media page & mention that it would have been better if Coca-Cola was not on their menu and state why.

Remember to use the hashtag #NotInMyFridge

Talk about #NotInMyFridge

When hosting an event, when attending a wedding


FOA Volunteer hands out leaflets for #NotInMyFridge campaign

Calling for a boycott of Coca-Cola, due to its support of Israel's illegal and immoral occupation.

FOA is calling for a boycott of Coca-Cola, in response to its support of Israel and its illegal and immoral occupation.

Coca-Cola violates international law and supports Israel’s occupation by operating a bottling plant in Atarot and Shadmot Mehola illegal settlements in the Jordan Valley.

Buying from companies which work in settlements such as Coca Cola means we as consumers are turning a blind eye to the illegal settlement of Palestinian land.

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How Much Water is required to run the bottling plant?

1.7 million Palestinians in Gaza face a chronic shortage of freshwater and rely on desalination plants, which remove the salt from sea water. Reports from around the world show that communities living around Coca-Cola bottling plants are hit by water shortages due to Coke’s demands on the water infrastructure.

Where will the factory’s electricity supply come from?

The only power plant in Gaza is only able to supply 30% of the population with electricity irregularly, leaving 1.2 million Palestinians in darkness. Coca Cola’s role in the area risks making this situation worse.

Will Coke be given preferential access to water and electricity, which will disadvantage Palestinian civilians and hospitals?

The indications are that it will, and this is indicated by the passage of materials into Gaza to build the factory, while essential building materials for hospitals are barred.

What about the jobs that will be created for  Palestinians?

Creating jobs at the expense of Gaza’s water and electricity supply risks escalating one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises. Although jobs would be created in the short-term, this underlines the exploitative consequences of the Israeli occupation, with Palestinians having to rely on settlements which seized their land for job creation


What about the good  work Coca Cola is doing in the area?

Though Coca Cola is involved in charitable initiatives in Palestine, the company has a history of removing more water from areas than it returns via charities.

Worse, these initiatives risk portraying the illegal occupation as normality and are detrimental to the long-term goal of ending the occupation.

So what are settlements?

Israeli settlements are built up communities built on Palestinian land in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and in the Golan Heights. Israel started building settlements in 1967, after it illegally occupied Gaza and the West Bank.

Why are they important?

The settlements help to sustain Israel’s illegal occupation making it impossible to create peace and an independent Palestinian state. The settlements are also considered illegal under international law. Israel’s yearly expansion of settlements has created an extremely difficult situation on the ground for Palestinians. Settlers get away with land theft while attacking and harassing Palestinians on a daily basis for simply being Palestinians.

What brands come under Coca-Cola?

Coca-Cola own more than 80 drinks across 20 different brands, click here to find out which brands to avoid.

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