HP #RebootYourEthics

FOA calls for a boycott of HP because of its complicity in the occupation by providing support at Israeli checkpoints and its military which helps the colonisation of Palestinian lands.

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I pledge to boycott HP products until they stop supporting Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine.


FOA Volunteers picket against HP as part of #RebootYourEthics campaign

HP #RebootYourEthics

Hewlett Packard (HP) install and maintain the control systems used in Israel’s checkpoints, provide technologies to both the Israeli Army and Navy, and produce bio-metric ID cards allowing Israel to monitor and restrict Palestinian movement.

We are not asking you to throw away your HP products. We are simply asking you to make a pledge to boycott HP products in the future.

Please sign the pledge and help us inform others about HP’s role in facilitating the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

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How is HP complicit in the Israeli occupation?

Helps produce ID cards. In 2008, HP signed a $74m contract with the Israeli Ministry of the Interior to produce 5 million biometric ID cards which will allow the state to monitor the activities of all citizens of Israel – including Palestinian Jerusalemites. HP helps maintain Checkpoints. HP is the prime contractor that has installed and maintained the control systems that are used at the checkpoints. The system, known as the Basel system, operates using the same ID cards containing biometric information about the cardholder. Serving the Israeli army. HP provides technologies and services to the Israeli army, and administers the Israeli Navy’s IT infrastructure.

Do we need to throw away our HP laptop?

No. We are asking you to sign the current pledge to not buy any more HP products until they end their direct support for the Israeli occupation.

Will boycotting HP help?

Yes, boycotting companies helps to put pressure on businesses that are complicit in Israel’s illegal occupation. It helps to raise awareness about the issue, as well as increasing international pressure and accountability on Israel and its supporters.

What does HP have to say?

When approached at the last HP Annual Meeting held in California about their human rights record in occupied Palestinian territories – which was not in line with their policy on corporate responsibility, CEO Meg Whitman stated that the company will “look into” the issue.