Student Lobby for Palestine – Online!

Meet your MP online to discuss key issues on Palestine

If you're a student, take part in this important Student Lobby Day (online).

Request to meet your MP (online) anytime on Wednesday 3rd February, to discuss important issues on Palestine.

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I hope this email finds you well.

As your constituent I would like to request an online meeting with you as part of a Student Lobby day for Palestine organised by Friends of al-Aqsa (FOA) and ASAP on Wednesday 3rd February 2021.

There are four key pointsI would like to discuss with you:

  1. The siege on Gaza. A UN report has stated Gaza is now uninhabitable (2020).
  2. Stopping arms trade with Israel in line with international law.
  3. Illegal Israeli settlements are illegal but are continuously expanding with no condemnation.
  4. Israel’s treatment of Palestinian children violating UN convention of the rights of the Child.

I am a firm believer in human rights and international law and MPs have a crucial role in upholding these values. I would highly appreciate your time to discuss these important concerns.

Because of the health crisis, we are taking the lobby online. Please could you let me know what time on 3rd February works for you and if possible, you could organise the zoom meeting as there will most likely be other constituents joining.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm Regards,

This is a great way to keep up to date on all our activities and news on Palestine

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Meet your MP online to discuss key issues on Palestine

You don’t have to be an expert on Palestine, you just need to care.

On Wednesday 3rd February, along with Association of Student Activism for Palestine we want students all over UK to meet with their MP’s (online) and raise three crucial issues on Palestine.

It is possible you will not be alone when meeting your MP as fellow supporters in your constituency will also request a meeting with their MP.

On 26th Januaryat 7pm we will host an online briefing event where expert speakers will cover the four issues that you will be discussing with your MP. This will be an opportunity to get a bit more information and ask any questions you may have.

We will be at hand online throughout the student lobby day for any questions you may have, and provide you with an information pack to give to your MP.

How it works

Arranging the Meeting

  1. Contact your MP now by entering your post code (in the action above) to find your MP and send the template email (amend it if you wish) to request a meeting with your MP.
  2. Once your MP replies back with a time to meet online on 3rd February, let us know so we know they have responded and we will be aware if others will join you.
  • Your MP should send you the meeting link some point before the online lobby day

Before the Meeting

  1. We will send you an easy to understand, short briefing pack for you to read through, which you can use to speak to your MP.
  2. The evening before the student lobby day we will host an online briefing event for you to attend.
  3. At any point if you have any questions, you can email to arrange a meeting with us.

On the Day

  1. We will be create an online briefing room, where you can drop in all day to ask any questions before your meeting or if you would like another briefing.
  2. Join the meeting with your MP on the link they sent at the agreed time.
  3. Pop back into the online room and let us know how it went.

On Wednesday 3rd February, during your meeting we want you to provide your MP with information about these key issues on Palestine:


A UN report has stated Gaza is now uninhabitable due to siege that is now in its 13th year.

Action for MP: Call for an end to the illegal Siege on Gaza signing an open letter to the Foreign Secretary (link to the letter will be provided).


Components made in the UK have been used by the Israeli military to bomb Gaza.

According to the UN so far in (Jan-Oct) 2020, 21 Palestinians have been killed and 2186 injured

Action for MP: Cancel all arms licensing to Israel and ban all arms imports from Israel.


Israel has approved the building of more settlements in 2020 than any year in the last decade. This is despite settlement building being illegal under international law and accepted as such by the UK government. Companies operate businesses from these settlements and export their goods to the UK.

Action for MP: Sign a statement to uphold international law and ban all settlement goods to the UK. (link to be provided)Israel’s treatment of Palestinian children violating UN convention of the rights of the Child.


Israel’s treatment of Palestinian children violating UN convention of the rights of the Child.

Why is the Palestine e-Lobby day important?

It will be a year since the new government had been elected. There are 140 MPs who are new to parliament who have not been given information on Palestine. Even the MP’s who had been re-elected need to be reminded of the ongoing violations of international law by Israel and the role MPs can play to end the illegal occupation of Palestine.

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What does it mean to lobby?

To lobby is to make the case for a particular policy, cause or group directly to an MP, a government minister or some one from the House of Lords with the aim of influencing their decisions. In our case it is to help MPs make informed choices about Palestine based on international law.

How does this help Palestine?

The UK plays a key role in global politics and we need to ensure the correct decisions are made to help Palestine. This includes, Stop Arming Israel, calling out the violations of international law and taking relevant action.

Is one lobby enough?

This is part of a process. We hope you will create a relationship with your MP and continue to keep them updated.