23-29Nov 202012:00 am

Aqsa Week

A week of events and activities dedicated to Al-Aqsa Sanctuary.

What is the significance of Al-Aqsa?

Monday 23rd November. 7pm – 8pm live on our YouTube

A session with Dr Ismail Patel exploring the basics of Al-Aqsa Sanctuary as well as its religious and political importance.


What does the UAE-Israel deal mean for Al-Aqsa?

Wednesday 25th November. 7pm- 8pm live on our YouTube

How does the recent controversial deal between UAE and Israel affect Al-Aqsa? Join Dr. Hatem Bazian and Dr. Ismail Patel as they explore the consequences Al-Aqsa will face.


Importance and Virtues on Al-Aqsa

Friday 27 November. 1pm live from Palestine on our YouTube

Short talk with Mustafa Abu Sway about the importance and virtues on the Al-Aqsa Sanctuary.


Aqsa Week- KIDS!

Throughout the week, followed by live storytelling on 29 November.

Registration is now full, but we will upload all children activities on our website from Monday 30 November.


Live Storytelling – Prophet Isa (AS) for Kids!

Sunday 29 November. 11am live on our YouTube

Join us as we close Aqsa Week – Kids with a magical live story telling of Prophet Isa (AS). We will also announce the winners of the kids competitions that will be happening across the week.


Share your stories on Al-Aqsa

Throughout the week (23-29 November).

If you have ever been to Al-Aqsa, let us know how your experience was by sharing your photos and stories using #LoveAqsa.


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