04Sep 202210:30 am - 5:30 pm

Freedom Walk 2022 – Peak District, Derbyshire

Join FOA FREEDOM WALK 2022 and raise money to help bring Freedom to Palestine

[1] To register for the walk complete this form by Friday 2 September:

Participant Response Form 2022

[2] Participants must ensure that all sponsorship money is collected and sent to: Friends of Al-Aqsa, by no later than 30 September 2022. 

To raise money online, visit:

Start Fundraising – Friends of Al-Aqsa (foa.org.uk) and create your own fundraising Page.


Donate directly via FOA website

[3] If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at walk@foa.org.uk

Please encourage others to join us.

Thank you for registering and good luck with the fundraising!


Date: Sunday, 4th September 2022
Meeting Point: (To be confirmed)
Meeting Time: 10.30 am
Please pay for the days’ Parking, if attending with your own transport.



  1. Only registered Participant Response Form 2022 may take part in the Sponsored Walk.
  2. All participants must register by Friday 2nd September 2022.
  3. Registration details can be sent via walk@foa.org.uk or through the post. (Post to FOA, 101c Gwendolen Road. Leicester. LE5 5FL)
  4. All registered participants should try and raise a minimum of £100 in sponsorship – (no set rules on how much you can raise)
  5. Sponsorship_form_2022 are available from Friends of Al-Aqsa and will be sent out to all participants upon registration.
  6. All sponsorship money must be sent to FoA no later than Friday 16th September 2022. We suggest that sponsorship money is collected at the time of pledge.
  7. You may bank transfer the money collected to: Bank Name: Unity Trust Bank. – Account Name: FRIENDS OF AL-AQSA. – Account number: 20363426.  Sort Code: 60-83-01. or send the money using the Donate Link. Donate – Friends of Al-Aqsa (foa.org.uk)Either way, please let us know that you have made the payment/Donation by emailing us on: walk@foa.org.uk & c.c. to: admin@foa.org.uk
  8. The 15 km walk will take an estimated 4 hours to complete, and the 8 km walk will take an estimated 2 hours to complete. Please ensure that you train adequately for this.
  9. Please ensure that you bring the suggested equipment/supplies, with you on the day.
  10. Transport from Leicester will be provided. The cost will be £10 (adult) £5 (Under 14) per person. Participants from other cities must make their own travel arrangements, and we will help put you in touch with other participants in your area.  NOTE: Transport is only available for those registered to participate in the walk.
  11. Participants under the age to 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Under 8’s are not eligible to participate as the walk will be too difficult for them. 8-12 year olds may only participate in the 8km walk.
  12. The participant who raises the most funds will be awarded a prize.
  13. All participants will receive a commendation certificate.
  14. All money raised will go to Friends of Al-Aqsa, in order to help us continue with our campaigns to bring freedom to Palestinians and support Masjid Al Aqsa.
  15. Please note, FOA has a right to refuse any individual from participating.

What to bring?

All participants are advised to bring/wear the following:

  • Footwear – it is essential to wear ankle high walking boots to support your ankles and minimise the chance of injury. These boots should be worn-in so they are comfortable. New boots may cause blisters, discomfort and other difficulties. In the worst case, well gripped trainers will be sufficient. Participants will not be allowed to take part in the challenge without adequate footwear – sandals, ‘sock’ trainers, and other similar footwear are not adequate. Shoes with heels should NOT be worn.
  • A back-pack is recommended in order to carry food, drinks and supplies. This should be a comfortable bag with 2 straps. Hand/shoulder bags are not recommended.
  • Food – high energy snacks, plenty of water, a glucose drink, and a packed lunch is recommended. Participants should not bring carbonated/fizzy drinks as these are dehydrating.
  • Weather protection – we recommend that you pack a lightweight water proof jacket, a sun hat, and sun cream so that you are prepared for any type of weather. Ladies – please note, dresses should not be longer than mid-calf length to prevent tripping, and full length trousers must be worn by everyone.
  • Don’t forget your camera!


The 15 km walk will take an estimated 4 hours to complete, and on a scale of one to five, will be a medium/level three walk. Please ensure that you train yourself for walking this distance gradually.

  • Take long walks at least once a week.
  • At least one month prior to the Challenge, you should be able to walk for 4 hours without too much difficulty/ too many breaks.
  • The walk will involve covering different gradients. Ensure that your training includes some hill walking.
  • The weekend before the challenge, undertake a long 3-4 hour walk as final preparation.
  • Do not undertake any excessively physically demanding work the day before the challenge.

Tips on raising money

Although this is a sponsored event, remember you do not have to raise all your money through sponsorship! You can organise events, fun days, cake sales, car boot sales, auctions, etc., which could all boost the total you raise and involve as many people as possible in the cause. This will also present an opportunity for you to educate people on Palestine and why it is vital for them to be aware and support the cause.


About FOA

For 25 years FOA have been campaigning for the human rights on Palestinians. Your donations will help us continue to keep Palestine in hearts and minds of everyone as well as to get people active until there is justice for the Palestinian people. Will you help keep our work for Palestine going strong?

Palestinians face extreme hardship and poverty because of the Israeli occupation. Israel’s occupation has resulted in home demolitions, torture of detainees, restrictions to earn a living and dangers to Masjid Al-Aqsa.

We want to see a Palestine that does not need humanitarian aid and charitable donations, but is independent, free and lives with dignity.

For this to happen we need to dedicate our support for an end​ to the actual occupation.

Who are FOA?

FOA is an organisation for anyone who cares about equality and justice, and wants to take a stand against Israel’s racism and colonisation. For the last 25 years FOA has been at the forefront of the pro-Palestinian movement in the UK. We are an NGO demanding a political change for Palestine and we won’t stop till this happens!

What do we do to help Palestine?

We raise awareness of Masjid Al-Aqsa and the Palestinians through media, lobbying, campaigning, events and general public awareness programmes. It is important for us to let people know the impact their actions can have for change in Palestine. Over the last 25 years we have successfully run effective campaigns (including distribution of free literature and ambitious street actions), which has changed the discourse on Palestine in the UK.