Raised of £1,000 target
by 17 supporters

Campaign by: Ammaarah Kassim

I will be walking 4.8 miles on the 30th of January to raise money for the people of Palestine. The 4.8 miles will represent the 73 years of illegal displacement of Palestinians since 1948.
If you have the means to do so, please sponsor me so together, we can all come together to help our brothers and sisters 🙂


Fayyad M.

Good Luck! 👊🏼




Well done from Mummy



Yasin H.


Hanif H.


Ayesha H.


Sana L.

You got thiss girlll so proud of you love you! xx

Abdul S.

May allah reward you and for the helping the people of Palestine. Ameen

Aaliyah K.



Good luck

Adam A.

Good Luck!

Maryam A.





Good luck Ammarah ❤️❤️

Aishah W.

Proud of you!

Abdul W.

Keep up the good work - Free Palestine


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