Raised of £500 target
by 35 supporters

Campaign by: Halifax Roadies

The Ride for Palestine is an initiative by supporters of the Palestinian people that combines a love of cycling with practical solidarity and awareness raising.

We want to bring attention to the human rights abuses endured by the Palestinian people, the brutal military occupation of Gaza and the West Bank (including East Jerusalem), and Israel’s continued violation of international law.

A group of us from Halifax are planning to join approx 50 other riders from the North for a ride from Bradford to Manchester on Sunday 30th May 2021

Join us and help us reach & go beyond our target, Help us show the Palestinian people that they’ve not been forgotten!

Any Donation will be welcome, Thank you



£30.00 30/05/21

Great work all :)

£20.00 30/05/21

£10.00 30/05/21
Asima A.

May Allah reward you for your efforts

£10.00 30/05/21
Ikhlaq H.

Ma sha Allah, well done!

£20.00 29/05/21

Masha allah. All the best. May allah reward you for your efforts.

£30.00 29/05/21
Aiyla K.


£20.00 29/05/21
Mohammed S.

May Allah reward you all in abundance...

£50.00 29/05/21
Samina K.

Best wishes

£30.00 28/05/21

Pray for all Muslim Umma.

£50.00 28/05/21
Zaheer K.

Good luck boys! Its going to be a walk in the park!

£100.00 26/05/21
Ansar J.

£50.00 26/05/21
Ehsan G.

£50.00 26/05/21
Ednan G.

£50.00 26/05/21
Iram R.

£30.00 26/05/21
Abdul R.

Sending support for Hafiz Naveed

£50.00 26/05/21
Mozma K.

Sending our support from Birmingham

£20.00 26/05/21
Osman C.

Wish you all the best love Baby Amal x

£20.00 25/05/21
Tanveer B.

£20.00 25/05/21
Ali A.

£100.00 25/05/21
Samina K.

Good luck

£20.00 25/05/21
Shakira A.

May Allah accept this from us!

£100.00 25/05/21

£50.00 25/05/21

May you be immensely rewarded for your efforts and may it be a means to alleviate the suffering of ... our Palestinian brothers and sisters. Ameen.

£100.00 25/05/21

£200.00 25/05/21
Safina K.

So proud of you Aj!!!

£30.00 24/05/21
Zarida A.

£40.00 24/05/21
Craig H.

£20.00 24/05/21
Usman A.

Go on Cuz...

£50.00 24/05/21
Waseem H.

£10.00 24/05/21