BDS – Boycott, Divestment & Sancstions

Purchasing Israeli Goods.... Helps fund the occupation

BDS is a movement that uses economic pressure on Israel to make it stop breaking international law and to end the occupation of Plaestine

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Purchasing Israeli Goods.... Helps fund the occupation

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BDS is a tool used to seek freedom, justice and equality for Palestinians. It was successfully used to end South African Apartheid.
Boycott allows individuals to make a moral choice in withdrawing support from companies and organisations which support Israel, including culture, sports and academia.
Divestment calls for disengagement from companies involved in Israel’e occupation.
Sanctions call on governments to cut political and economic ties with Israel until it stops breaking international law.

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Boycott of companies which support or profit from the illegal occupation.
Divestment from companies involved in Israel’s occupation.
Sanctions from cutting political & economic ties with Israel because it has violated international law.