Home Demolitions in East Jerusalem

500,000 Illegal Israeli settlers live in East Jerusalem

The demolition of a home is the demolition of a family. Salim Shawamreh had his home demolished 6 times

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500,000 Illegal Israeli settlers live in East Jerusalem

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Illegal Israeli Settlements can be found across the Palestinian West Bank and East Jerusalem, on land stolen from Palestinians after 1967.
These settelemnts are illegal under international law, which does not allow a state to permanently take land belonging to another state and move its people there.
Israel demolishes Palestinian homes for the construction of illegal settlements.
There are over 200 illegal settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
14,000 Palestinians have had their ID rights revoked forcing them out of the city of East Jerusalem.
35% of East Jerusalem zoned for construction of illegal settlements.
87% of all building permits for Palestinian homes denied.
Marriage: Family unification is denied if the bride and groom are not both from Jerusalem.

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