Israeli Apartheid Policies

Israeli Apartheid Policies

Checkpoints are a part of Israeli occupation policies which delibrately limit and control the movement of Palestinians

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Israeli Apartheid Policies

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Ambulances are routinely stopped at checkpoints resulting in delays for patients needing medical treatment, causing significant distress and sometimes even death.
There are over 500 checkpoints in the West Bank causing daily misery.
5.3 million Palestinians are unable to return home, while any Jewish person from any country is free to live on Palestinian land.
A discriminatory education system, where lack of resources are provided such as classrooms, means only 53% of Palestinian children in East Jerusalem attend school.

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Human Rights observers have reported on occasion pregnant women having to give birth at checkpoints.
60% of the roads are used by Iraelis and illegal settlers.
Illegal Jewish only Settlements.
Apartheid wall.
Israel takes 80% of the water that is meant for Palestinians.