A History of Palestinian Resistance


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This book provides a general insight into the origins of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and its impact on the region.

No other issue has engaged the energies and resources of the international community in the 20th century more than the Palestine Question. Since 1948 it has been the cause of regional wars and continues until today to be a dangerous threat to international peace and security.

Despite its solid roots in the depths of history, many people know very little and understand much less about the Palestine Question. While a few are aware that Zionist Israel was founded on the basis of historical claims, most remain, after more than 100 years, ignorant of the origins and nature of these claims. Because of its centrality to regional peace and global security, it is the duty of every student of history and peace seeking individuals to know and understand this issue.

A History of Palestinian Resistance…

  • Provides a general insight in to the Origins of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict;
  • Offers an account of the mandatory period and beginnings of the Zionis colonization of Palestine;
  • Reviews the early resistance, the diplomatic intrigues and eventual UN partition;
  • Presents a critical assessment of the role played by regional actors in the loss of Palestine in 1948 and the Nakba – Catastrophe – that befell the Palestinian people;
  • Examines in detail the process by which the PLO was transformed from revolutionary movement into a national authority seeking accomodation with Israel.
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