Electricity Crisis in Gaza

Freedom Walk 2014

Free Literature

NEWS / Source: Addameer / Thursday, 17th April, 2014

Every year Israel arrests thousands of Palestinians in an attempt to suppress any resistance to its continued occupation and colonisation.

NEWS / Source: RT / Thursday, 17th April, 2014

The Boycott Israel movement is developing a smart-phone application that will allow followers to avoid Israeli products.

NEWS / Source: ALRAY / Thursday, 17th April, 2014

UNRWA's Commissioner-General, Pierre Kraehenbuehl, said Gaza siege is a form of collective punishment and is the longest in history.

NEWS / Source: IMEMC / Thursday, 17th April, 2014

Hamas called on Arab and Muslim leaders to expel Israeli ambassadors in their countries to pressure Israel to end its violations on Palestinians.

NEWS / Source: Ma'an News / Wednesday, 16th April, 2014

Dozens of worshippers were hurt in fierce clashes with Israeli forces who stormed al-Aqsa compound via the Moroccan and Chain gates.

NEWS / Source: Guardian / Tuesday, 15th April, 2014

Residents hit bureaucratic buffers trying to get Israeli water company to restore regular supply to largely Palestinian areas.