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Qunoot Prayer

EVENTS / Source: Friends of Al-Aqsa / Saturday, 26th July, 2014
The killings have intensified. On Sunday, the day after 100,000 of us protested on the streets of London, Israel...
NEWS / Source: NewStatesman / Friday, 25th July, 2014

History shows that military action merely deepens the conflict. Only a proper peace deal will make Palestinians and Israelis safer.

VIDEOS / Source: YouTube / Friday, 25th July, 2014
10,000 marched in the West Bank city of Ramallah late Thursday to protest the IDF incursion into Gaza. Two Pales...
NEWS / Source: Al Jazeera / Friday, 25th July, 2014

Israeli police kill two Palestinians during rallies in solidarity with battered Gaza Strip, where death toll topped 800.

NEWS / Source: Al Jazeera / Friday, 25th July, 2014

The PA struggles to stay relevant amid regional and international efforts to secure Gaza ceasefire.

NEWS / Source: Guardian / Friday, 25th July, 2014

Palestinian Authority calls for 'day of rage' after women and children are killed by Israeli shelling while seeking shelter.