Palestine Election Pledge

NEWS / Source: Middle East Eye / Thursday, 11th December, 2014

Ireland's parliament calls for the recognition of Palestinian statehood, the fourth European assembly to do so since October.

NEWS / Source: Friends of Al-Aqsa / Thursday, 11th December, 2014

A Palestinian government Minister peacefully protesting against Israel’s Apartheid walls was killed after being attacked by Israeli soldiers.

NEWS / Source: Fin24 / Thursday, 11th December, 2014

To encourage a peaceful solution in Israel/Palestine, the UNI Global Union has appointed Palestinian and Israeli unionists to its executive.

NEWS / Source: Cii Broadcasting / Wednesday, 10th December, 2014

Creatively dubbed the #NotInMyFridge campaign, FOA says it is calling through the drive for a global boycott of Coca-Cola.

AQSANEWS / Source: Friends of Al-Aqsa / Tuesday, 09th December, 2014
Friends of Al-Aqsa hosted a packed meeting at Westminster on Monday, addressing the urgency of tackling recent I...
NEWS / Source: Friends of Al-Aqsa / Tuesday, 09th December, 2014

A report said Palestine would now have the same status as the US, Russia and other country’s that are not signatories to the Rome Statute.