Electricity Crisis in Gaza

Freedom Walk 2014

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NEWS / Source: IMEMC / Wednesday, 23rd April, 2014

The new Commissioner-General of UNRWA Pierre Krahenbuhl pledged to defend Gaza and to work hard to end the blockade.

NEWS / Source: Ma'an News / Wednesday, 23rd April, 2014

Six Palestinian were detained inside the Al-Aqsa compound, amid tensions as Jewish groups attempt to hold Passover rituals in al-Aqsa.

NEWS / Source: ALRAY / Wednesday, 23rd April, 2014

A five-member delegation commissioned by Mahmoud Abbas have arrived in Gaza to discuss reconciliation with Hamas.

NEWS / Source: Guardian / Wednesday, 23rd April, 2014

Stark warning follows reports Palestinian president may disband Palestinian Authority if talks end by 29 April without extension.

NEWS / Source: BDS Movement / Wednesday, 23rd April, 2014

Announcement follows similar decisions by authorities in Argentina and Netherlands - Actions against Mekorot held across 12 countries.

NEWS / Source: Ma'an News / Wednesday, 23rd April, 2014

Dozens of Palestinian worshipers were wounded and dozens were detained after clashes broke in the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound.