VIDEOS / Source: AJ+ / Thursday, 20th November, 2014
It seems like every violent incident in Jerusalem could spark another massive flare-up in the Palestinian-Israel...
NEWS / Source: Anadolu Agency / Thursday, 20th November, 2014

"Israel does not provide any immunity for children and regularly violates international agreements on children's rights by denying them fair trials,"

NEWS / Source: Huffington Post / Wednesday, 19th November, 2014

For weeks now, tensions have been rising in Jerusalem, simmering since the kidnap and brutal murder of three Jewish teenagers in June.

AQSANEWS / Source: Middle East Monitor / Wednesday, 19th November, 2014
Recent events in Jerusalem, especially in Al-Aqsa Mosque, open the door to many possibilities, the most importan...
NEWS / Source: Friends of Al-Aqsa / Tuesday, 18th November, 2014

Israel’s tunnelling and excavations over the past 10 years are directly threatening the structural stability of Islam’s holiest site in Jerusalem.

CAMPAIGNS / Source: Friends of Al-Aqsa / Tuesday, 18th November, 2014
BBC Covers tragic Synagogue deaths in Jerusalem as headline news, and plays down Palestinian deaths Write to ...