7 Steps to Help Gaza

Petition: Stop Arming Israel

Boycott Israeli Produce

EVENTS / Source: Friends of Al-Aqsa / Saturday, 09th August, 2014
A national demonstration has been called for Saturday 9th August in London to make this the biggest ever demonst...
NEWS / Source: RT News / Friday, 01st August, 2014

CNN reported that the United States military will be honoring a request from Israel for assistance in the midst of their weeks-long campaign.

NEWS / Source: Ma'an News / Friday, 01st August, 2014

Palestinian death toll in the ongoing Israeli assault on Gaza surpassed that of Operation Cast Lead on Thursday.

NEWS / Source: Channel 4 / Friday, 01st August, 2014

The first signs of serious unease are emerging in Conservative ranks about the government’s stance on the conflict in Gaza.

NEWS / Source: IMEMC / Thursday, 31st July, 2014

This list is constantly updated due to the ongoing Israeli assault on Gaza since July 8th. The following 1151 names have been confirmed.

NEWS / Source: The Independent / Thursday, 31st July, 2014

The Israeli government has already proven that it fears international isolation. Israel has lost its grip on reality.